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All of our males are the result of an extensive breeding program which was derived from researching & combining many of the best German & American show lines available.  Our breeding stock offers a magnificent gene pool that is filled with pigment, bone & strong heads as well as a unique offering of Dallas & Lance free lines for over seven generations giving top breeders an opportunity to outcross their beautiful Dallas progeny to top quality males!!



Nicklaus Bismark "Marky"

     'Nero's son, Marky, who most physically reflects his sire, 'my beloved ' Nero Von Rossbergerland', of all of Nero's progeny. He reflects 'Nero'', in physical type and color, etc. Therefore, I believe Marky will be dominate for Nero's type, as well. Marky has excellent OFA hips and elbows and has always enjoyed robust health, and has excellent frozen sperm available. Collected when Marky was in his prime, and the sperm is top grade excellent quality!!!! Marky is now close to nine years old and enjoys excellent health !! His temperament and character are outstanding !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Contact his owner Joe DeJessa for pedigree and any other information. I have great faith in Marky's ability to reproduce outstanding progeny!! He has never been bred to date!!! To the people who have inquired about trying to reproduce Nero's type.... In my personal opinion, Marky should be given serious consideration.

Barbara Lee Williams...Santana German Shepherds..

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Nicklaus' Lionheart "Lonnie"