Nero Vom Rossbergerland

His Legends Live On....

"First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"

     Nero was a very beautiful German Shepherd in conformation, an absolutely classic strong masculine head, dark eyes and thick, erect, strong ears and excellent expression. Excellent dentition. Very large oval bone, deep in body with excellent ribbing and short muscular loin.  Beautifully angulated and balanced forequarter and hindquarter with a short strong topline and excellent underline. Very good croup and tail was long and well-set.  Clean coming and going.  Strong, powerful, ground-covering side-gait, getting well under himself, driving powerfully off his hindquarter. He had short, strong hocks. He carried an ideal double coat with deep red rich pigment and solid black blanket, and strong black mask.  He was absolutely sound in temperament, very strong nerves and was gun sound.

     Nero was extremely lovable and demonstrates great affection.  He was a wonderfully sweet-natured boy with his own family.  He was also VERY  PROTECTIVE of  his family. He had strong prey drive, but not over the top. He was a delight to us and easy to live with, an excellent house-dog

     Because of his own strong protective instincts, I recommended him only for females who were passive and easy-going. His progeny to date have all been praised for their temperament and character as well as their strong tracking instinct & superb herding ability. 

     From the small number of his progeny to date, his sons appear to be his strength. He throws more impressive males than females so far. No orchidism, no missing teeth, no soft ears.  All his progeny to date  enjoy the same good health as he had and the ones who have been x-rayed to date,  are all good hips and elbows.


1998 - 2008


SZ 2021216

DOB: 06/01/1998 Male

BLK-RED Tattoo:L-B 8731 -

OFA GS60577G31M-PI EL12019-PI    GOOD

DNA V154546


Nero @ 6 years


What's for dinner Dad?

Nero & Doyle @ Dinner Time


Doyle & Nero @ age 6

Nero's 3rd Birthday

" Because, unfortunately, he was not trained in his youth, he was, if left to his own devices, the worst of mischief-makers, the wildest of fighters, and an intractable nuisance. His faults were the faults of his education, not of his nature. He suffered from  underutilization of his great need for activity, for if someone worked with him, he was blissfully happy and the most obedient of dogs"  
Captain Max von Stephanitz



Nero's Sire "V Basko Dell Utveggio"


Nero's Dam "V Genta Vom Rossbergerland"

Word to the wise...

"Don't Ever Forget "DOG" is GOD spelled backwards"

Barbara Lee Williams