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Press coverage of Triple Threat Tour, April 2007.

We keep hearing from a lot of Winter watchers whose e-mails begin with something like, “I was at the show in Red Bank . . . ” or “I went to the Trenton gig . . . ” Fans are still buzzing about those April reunion shows in New Jersey featuring Johnny, Edgar and Rick Derringer.

This shot comes to us courtesy of Joe DeJessa, the man who did an incredible, bang-up job of making those performances go off without a hitch. Joe was kind enough to send along this shot, which was taken by Bob DeJessa.

Respects Joe! And thanks again to you and the folks at Falcon Productions for a job well done.
May 10, 2007

"I love him [Johnny Winter] as my brother and I love playing with him," Edgar says, "that's why this is going to be a very special tour. So many of my fans are Johnny's fans and vice-versa, and with Rick Derringer in the mix, too, we're a family of musicians. I know it's going to mean a lot to fans to see us all playing together again."

Richard Skelly
U. S. 1
April 4, 2007

It's sometimes tough for family members to stay in touch - and when you start talking extended families, well, it can be nearly impossible.

That's why there's an extra crackle of excitement surrounding the "Triple Threat" concerts that will reunite brothers Johnny and Edgar Winter and "honorary brother" Rick Derringer on the same bill for the first time in . . . what is it, 17 years ?

"It's got to be at least that long," says Edgar Winter. "I've played with Johnny in the past, but this is something I wanted to happen for a long time, with Johnny, me and Rick, who has played in both of our bands and is another person I consider a kindred musical spirit."

Patrick O’Shea
Good Times, Trenton Times
April 6, 2007

It was fun to people-watch on the streets of Red Bank hours before the Johnny Winter/Edgar Winter/Rick Derringer concert Friday at the Count Basie Theatre. It seemed at every corner mature rockers rendezvoused.

The gray ponytails gave ‘em away.

There was a lot of “I saw Johnny at the Filmore” and “We saw the Allmans at the Beacon” and “I’m here for Rick” heard in the lively Basie lobby . . .

Mark Voger
Asbury Park Press
April 10, 2007