Crossbreeding West German & American Show Lines  Since the late 1950's


'The One and Only  BIG  RED' !  SANTANA'S  MAN O' WAR !

     Santana German Shepherds was established in 1954. Both of us were AKC German Shepherd Specialty Judges. Both of us were Handlers and finished many of our own Shepherds and those of Clients. We whelped, raised, trained, conditioned and  exhibited  all of our own Shepherds. Among which God granted us the Great Gift of Our Incomparable Ch. Von Schrief's Portrait ROM and our Beloved  'Big Red'..Ch. Santana's Man O' War ROM. 

     I have also authored many, many articles over the years for many Magazines about the German Shepherd Breed. We started judging in the early 70's but Doyle was forced to retire in the mid-eighties after suffering a severe hearing loss. I am still accepting a few assignments as our home situation and care of our Dogs dictate.

     Doyle and I founded the Orange Coast German Shepherd Dog Club and Doyle was the first President.  I also served as Working Group Director for the Santa Ana Valley KC and  ran it's Working Group training classes for show handling and training.  I have been a Member of the GSDCA since 1956.

     I  worked with Marie Leary and Dr. Otto Schales in assisting the establishment of the OFA program for HD and have  been involved in a lifetime effort to improve the Health and longevity of the GS Breed.  I belong presently to the GSDCA and am serving on the Health Committee in  the  Health First Project.  I'm a member of the GSDC of Oregon and I  also belong to and totally support, the GSDCA- WDA. I am the past President and Honorary Lifetime Member of the GSDC of Hawaii.

     My lifetime goal has been to better the German Shepherd Breed that I  have been privileged to know and to have served  with a lasting love and unwavering devotion for the entire German Shepherd Breed, here and abroad, all these 50 years.


    Everyone of my shepherds, starting with Portrait and on down, were all x-rayed normal good hips and elbows. We didn't have ofa, but my vet at the time, Dr. Weitkamp, was  considered top hip and elbow evaluator at the time and Dr. Weitkamp is with OFA now and has been for many years. He x-rayed all my shepherds  and litters for free, as we were all trying to 'learn' in those pre-OFA days. A great veterinarian and a devoted, dedicated man who was seeking, as many of us were, at the time, an answer to HD and ED and how to control it. That was in Southern California. Both Portrait and Man O' War were x-rayed both ends and found 100% normal....I was on a mission to stamp out hip and elbow dysplasia and i am still working on it. I believed HD and ED were genetic!!!! Even then... and followed my heart to breed only normal to excellent hips and elbows....Still at it!!  

 ~Barbara Lee Williams~




Doyle and Barbara  Lee Williams